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Alaska Yacht Cruise

      Enjoy the ultimate Alaska sightseeing trip on board our Alaska Yacht Cruise! The captain and crew of Miss Brizz are here to help you experience the majestic beauty, awe-inspiring vistas and breathtaking wildlife that southcentral Alaska has to offer!

      Imagine yourself at anchor in a stunning, secluded cove. 50 yards away is the mouth of a river where bears are feeding on the absolute glut of pink salmon. You spend the next hour watching them feed and capturing the magical moment with photos and video! Later while you are cruising along, you step out on the bow to watch the porpoise frolic alongside the yacht. You marvel at the sea lion rookeries and the seals lazily resting on ancient glacier ice. Later you and your family and friends are dazzled by the humpback whales enjoying the bounty of Prince William Sound, while numerous puffins frolic in the pristine water all around you. A majestic eagle soars overhead as if waving you on to your next amazing encounter.

      In addition to the incredible wildlife, the natural beauty that you will encounter on an Alaska Yacht Cruise is beyond compare. Magnificent walls of massive blue glacier ice – roaring like thunder as they calve into the sea – will amaze and delight you. Majestic coastal fjords, beautiful waterfalls and impressive mountains enchant everyone who is fortunate enough to cruise this pristine wilderness. There are, of course many other fascinating things to see and explore on our Alaska Yacht Cruise such as black sand beaches, native villages, deep water fjords, and shore excursions for hiking, beach combing and experiencing the rich history of Prince William Sound on foot!

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